The Proteges

The Proteges non-profit Organization creates programs and also is an intermediary that causes community and social improvement. We translate our support into change.

We think the world could be a more interesting place. We strive to improve and develop everything around us. We create our own projects, ones we think would improve the world we live in. Brainstorming, communicating, and creating is what we do and nurture the potential of the human through a diverse program of workshops, activities, travel, first-hand experience and group work to encourage them.

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Internship: someone who fits in Proteges needs like marketing expert and the like. There are different positions depends on their interest and our yearly calendar of activities.

Summer Program: a mentor ship program that is designed to combine a diverse mix of powerful sessions, and challenging group activities, packed into a condensed time frame, and set in multiple locations in Kuwait and abroad.

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