Kuwait Insurance Company

Kuwait Insurance Company was established in 1960 by Amiri Decree No. 7 of 1960 as the first insurance company in Kuwait and the GCC. The company enjoys a stable and strong financial foundation and maintains a leading position in the local and regional insurance market by providing reliable and innovative insurance products and services and professional team of experts at the level of Kuwait and GCC.

Positions Available:

Full-time Jobs:

1. Accountant

  • Requirements
    • Bachelor’s Degree in finance.
    • One year experience (if any).

2. Accounting Manager

  • Oversees the approval and processing of revenue, expenditure, and other key financial control documents, ledger, account maintenance, and relevant data entries.
  • Assists in the annual plan as required by reporting and budgeting manager.
  • Ensure all General Ledger Reconciliations are done accurately and manage the reconciling items.
  • Ensure Implementation of the company policies and procedures and ensure that they are in compliance with domestic legal & governmental.
  • Place recommendations – when appropriate – to improve the operational efficiencies and effectiveness in order to reduce operational risks.
  • Review calculations reasonability of the reinsurance outward premium and Mathematical reserves.
  • Ensure the delivery of Financial Reports accurately and on time.
  • Conduct financial audits & formulate recommendations for improvement in performance and controls.
  • Has the ability to Manage accounting team.

Contact Information:

  1. Omar Gharamshy
    Email: omar.gharamshy@kic-kw.com
    Mobile: 66917000
  2. Asim Al Saadi
    Email: asim.alsaadi@kic-kw.com
    Direct #: 965 22928351

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